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Omiri is one of the most original projects to reinvent Portuguese music.

To reinvent tradition, nothing better than bringing the real players of Portuguese culture to the show itself; musicians and soundscapes from all over Portugal playing and singing as if they were part of the same universe. Not in flesh and blood but in sound and image, with video field recordings manipulated in order to serve as a musical base for Vasco Ribeiro Casais's composition and improvisation.

Omiri is, above all, remix, the culture of the 21st century, mixing in one show already forgotten musical practices, making them permeable and accessible to the culture of our day, synchronising forms and music of Portuguese rural tradition with th

In the last years Omiri has established itself as one of Portugal most international musical projects, taking Portuguese culture to the four corners of the world and performing in major national and international festivals such as Womex (FI), Reepperbahn (DE), Eurosonic (NL), Rudolstadt(DE), Kaustinen (FI), Viljandi (EE), Dranouter (BE), Live at Heart (SE), Exib-Music (PT), Iminente (PT), WestWay Lab (PT), Med (PT), Artes à Rua (PT), Colours of Ostrava (Cz) among many others.

At the same time, it also develops special projects with the involvement of local communities and aimed at specific regions. "Alentejo vol.I: Évora", "Beira Litoral e Ribatejo vol.I: Pombal, Alcanena e Tomar" and "Estremadura vol.I: Setúbal" and "Ribatejo e Estremadura vol.II: Abrantes e Alcobaça" are undoubtedly masterpieces that reintroduces the entire culture of a region.


"For some years now, Vasco Ribeiro Casais has built a well-earned reputation for being one of the most original and exciting musicians to pick up on the Portuguese traditional rhythms and smash them against other European folk forms alongside is sober use of electronics. His project OMIRI remains a facisnating demonstration on how to do this.(...)" in Songlines (UK)

““Baile Electrônico” has real moments of genius of a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer of rare sensitivity (...) a huge record.” in

"An album that works perfectly both at home and in the dance club around the corner. Beneficially different!" in

"This recording has energy and coherence, and is one more step forward on an interesting artist's journey." in

(...) “a harmony between sound and video, rural and urban”(...) in

(...) “one of the night's concerts.” (...) (Festival Bons Sons 2014) in

(...)”the sound power of tradition today.”(...) in

(...)a new meaning for the word 'Party'.(...) in Sofar Sounds Lisboa

(...)"one of the most creative and interesting artists in the actual Portuguese music scene." in

(...)"There is no way not to be surrendered." in Rimas e Batidas

(...)"One of the highlights of the first night of the festival, (...) (Festival Bons Sons 2022) in

(...)"OMIRI, one of the most beautiful examples of the fusion of traditional elements with modernity, (...)" in Rimas e Batidas

OMIRI "Alentejo vol.I: Évora" top 19 - Record of the Year 2019 in

"Baile Electrónico" top 3 in World Music Charts Europe (Set 2017)

Inatel Award in Iberian Festival Awards 2020



In 2019, Évora hosted an unforgettable show where all the Immaterial Heritage, translated by the local protagonists, was highlighted on the large-scale facades of historical buildings in Praça do Sertório. The same was seen in Pombal, Alcanena, Tomar, and Setúbal in 2021. A multi-media show with a strong ethnographic component mixed with new trends, according to the work usually developed by Vasco Ribeiro Casais in Omiri, with video and audio content content collected exclusively for these shows.

The videos projected (mapped) on the walls of the historical buildings were the result of many hours of field recondings and interviews conducted by Vasco and his team at each location and then re-mixed with new compositions presenting a peculiar vision of the arts and traditions of each county. Starting from music and traditional instruments songs and life stories, to crafts and iconic local characters. A unique show was created, featuring some professional and amateur groups (philharmonic bands, ethnographic groups and local artists) as well as the local community, in order to create an artistic object with an even more special connection with the cities and their inhabitants.

In addition to the show, Books/Cd's with the original compositions of each show was also released. The entire collection process was thus documented, with photos of the performers, lyrics of the songs and relevant facts to the culture of the municipalities, as well as some texts from relevant people of each municipality, with some connection to it or to the project. The books “Alentejo vol.I: Évora”(2019), “Beira Litoral e Ribatejo vol.I: Pombal, Alcanena e Tomar”(2021), “Estremadura vol.I: Setúbal”(2022) and "Ribatejo e Estremadura vol.II: Abrantes e Alcobaça"(2023) are already an example of a collection that is growing and increasing, demonstrating that tradition is the people and their experiences and wisdom.

Photos: Rita Carmo, André Antunes, Iolanda Pereira




Photos: António Lopes, Carsten-Stiller, Michael Pohl, Annibale Sepe, Luca Lombardi, PixelinPhoto


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